Hey everyone! I’m back on and first of all, I’d like to apologize for not posting often recently but I’ve been really busy! I try not to write posts whenever I’m really busy or stressed because I actually want to enjoy writing posts for you guys, since it is a hobby, as well as keep the quality of my posts great for my blog. I always try my best to put in a ton of effort and time into each post I write so that all of you can enjoy it. With all that being said I wanted to make a post about all the stuff I’ve bought recently, instead of doing a review on everything I thought I’d just do an entire haul! 

So without further ado, here are all the things I’ve been picking up while shopping. 

The first thing I wanted to show you is this super cute black bag that I got recently. I absolutely love how it’s structured and I really love the gold that it has. 

I also bought a new makeup bag because I wanted one that was more spacious than the old one I used to have. This honestly stores sooo much stuff inside and it doesn’t even seem like it. I love the elephant pattern it has, too. It gives a really nice tropical vibe. 

I also picked up a natural deodorant and I decided to buy this one instead of the one I used to have, because I prefer natural things and this one doesn’t have any aluminum, which is great. It also smells so good and gets the job done. 

I also bought an oval makup brush (the white one) and it is INCREDIBLY SOFT and works amazing that I just had to get another set and I’m in love with the rose gold mermaid oval brushes. 

I saw this beautiful white marble print planner and I just HAD to get it. Like it was literally calling out my name for me to buy it. I really hope I use it often because I always stop using them after a couple of weeks. It’ll come in handy once I start college. 

These NYX lingerie matte liquid lipsticks are some of my favorites and I really wanted these for a while. The colors are just so beautiful and I’ve been using them everytime I go out.

Let’s not forget those black chokers. Honestly, I wear them often and you can never have too many chokers. 

The last makeup items have to be these 4 Milani eyeshadow pots. I love the colors amd I think these are perfect for keeping in a makeup bag to travel. Unfortunately, I accidentally dropped the rose gold color and a small piece broke. I’m so glad it didn’t shatter. 

I also went to A&F and decided to buy two pairs of high waisted jeans because they are such high quality, a cardigan that would be perfect for fall, and two tops. The graphic tee is great for those laidback days and a black boxy style shirt that is super soft, but would prefer to wear in the cold, since it’s quite warm for Cali weather. 

The last thing I bought were a pair of light blue velvet shorts that I’ve been wanting for a while. They remind me a lot of the Brandy Melville ones so I decided to pick these up. 

Anyways, that concludes my haul. I hope you enjoyed it and make sure to comment down below what have been your recent purchases? I’d absolutely love to know. ❤️✨✨✨
Also, I have many posts planned out already and I’m super excited to share them with you guys really soon!!! 💗


  1. The marble planner is adorable! I am going to need some cute planners like this for when I start college, I haven’t even thought of it yet! Thanks for reminding me xo

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  2. completely understand the first part. I am currently managing several blogs plus attending grad school full time and finding the inspiration to write or the mood is not easy. When it comes to this last blog that I started, the one you found me on, I want to populate first and then focus on adding all my photography. Not sure about you, but probably not if what i see above is any indication, but I struggle with photos. I spend hours on trying to get the right shot which makes blogging more difficult and less pleasurable than it should be. As for you haul, I love the items you picked up and especially the planner 🙂 I am an stationary addict so of course that a step first thing that caught my eye.

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    1. Wow that must be a lot! I’ll be going to college really soon so hopefully I have enough time to blog in between my studies!
      Photography can definitely be hard, but I find it really satisfying when you finally get that perfect shot and I’m just a beginner when it comes to it so I’m still learning and trying to improve more.
      Thanks you! And I love stationary as well, I was always obsessed with it since I was a kid haha.

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    1. They are incredibly soft and dense! I think the quality is like high end makup brushes. I haven’t gotten a chance to use the mermaid ones but the white one is so versatile for blending foundation, powder, bronzer, & highlight. I definitely recommend it & I will purchase the bigger one soon. I think the only downside is I wish the handle was a bit more sturdy, not saying that it’s not but just wish it was a tiny bit more. The other ones are super sturdy though!

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  3. I always tell people about ELF- cruelty free is a HUGE deal for me. Have you tried their everything stick? It’s a chunky stick that you can use for eye shadow, blush, highlighter, I was going to write a blog on it but I’m so new, I’m still trying to repost my blogs from my old page.

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    1. wow I’m sorry this is soo late! I have not tried it I honestly don’t use much of their products anymore but I still think it’s a good brand, I definitely wanna check out their newer stuff!


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