Hello everyone! First of all, I’d like to say sorry for not posting very frequently these past couple of days. I’ve been super busy these past two weeks with my graduation, and turning in work, finals, etc for school. Along with going to Disneyland, having a job interview, shopping, visiting the college I’m going to, I haven’t had any spare time at all to write a post. I’ll definitely be posting more often since school is finally over now. I’m really excited for summer and I have so many plans of things I’ll be doing soon!
I decided that today I would write about my e.l.f makeup haul that includes a bunch of things I ordered online for a really affordable price. I’m so glad with the things I received that I couldn’t wait and have already opened and used some of the products. All of the things in total cost me less than $30 and it included a free package as well, plus free shipping! What could be better than that?! Like seriously, who doesn’t love free stuff?! I was really happy to get $14 worth of free awesome items with my order. The first thing that stood out to me about this is how nice and organized the products were. Everything was put together nicely without any broken items inside the box. The five free items I received were packed separately in a small plastic bag. What I really like about ordering online is that they usually give you free stuff and there’s free shipping with a $25+ order. I know they’re giving a couple of items at the moment so I recommend checking it out!So I got three makeup brushes, the contouring brush, mini stipple brush, and blush brush. First of all, these are incredibly soft!!! Like you’ll literally want to be brushing your face for hours and playing around with them. I think the quality is great for the affordable price. I’ve owned a couple of brushes from e.l.f before and they’ve lasted long and have gotten the job done. The next two items are a baked highlighter in the shade blush gems and a shimmering facial whip in the shade lilac petal. These are so pretty and I’ve already used the shimmering facial whip and I love the glow it leaves. The tube is very small but a little goes a long way. Then I got an EX-tra lip gloss in the shade “Brett” and I’ve already used it a couple of times and I love the shade. Sadly, the actual tube the product comes in is very cheap and part of it broke. But the actual product itself is very long lasting. The lip lacquer in the shade “natural” is a very pretty nude and it came in the free pack of items.
Another item I received in the free package was a cream to powder blush in “rose royalty.” I’m not a big fan of blush and I wasn’t expecting this to really work but it’s actually really pretty. The consistency is very soft and lightweight and it does blend out into powder. The color is pretty subtle which I like in blushes. I also got some makeup remover cleansing cloths for free and these are great to carry around with you in a bag for when you’re traveling and I find that very convenient. I’m excited to try these out. I bought a cream contour palette and I’m a little obsessed with this item already. I’ve been loving to pair this with the contouring brush lately and it’s not too heavy. I also bought a velvet matte lipstick in the shade flirty flamingo and it’s really pretty, although I wouldn’t say it’s a full matte color as I’d like but I’ll still wear. The waterproof lengthening volumizing mascara in black and the waterproof eyeliner pen also came in the free package and I haven’t tried them out yet but I’m very excited and hopefully they work nicely. I did some swatches on the lip colors, highlighters, and blush so you guys can see the pigmentation. 
(Top to bottom) Natural, Brett, Flirty Flamingo 
(Top to bottom) Rose Royalty, Blush Gems, Lilac PetalAnyways, I really hope you guys enjoyed this haul and let me know in the comments what your favorite items were. ~Valery 💖


  1. Loving this! I really need to try out more ELF brushes, I only have a single eyeshadow one, but the ones you bought look tempting I’m gonna have to give them a go! I love that the products are so inexpensive too! 🙂

    Also congrats on the job interview! I hope it goes/went well.

    xx Jan

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    1. They are sooo soft! The quality is pretty awesome. I’ve never experienced and shedding or anything and the handle is great as well. Me too! 💕
      Thanks so much. I actually have another one tomorrow and I’m really hoping I get it. Thanks for stopping by.


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